The most comprehensive
multi-blockchain wallet

featured with VPN functionality that upgrades the security of your device, protects your digital privacy and online browsing activities.

Main Features

Multi-blockchain crypto wallet

Store and manage your crypto funds across 3 major blockchains including NEO, ETH and EOS.

Completely decentralised blockchain wallet that guarantees full access to your crypto funds, no registration or personal information required.

In-app VPN marketplace

A two-sided VPN service platform where VPN operators could monetise VPN resources and users enjoy blazing fast VPN connection.

Cumulate you Wgas from topping up any ETH, EOS, NEO based cryptocurrencies in your WinQ wallet for accessing VPN service.

Why WinQ Wallet?

1. Store and manage all your digital assets in one place.

2. Use Decentralized Apps anonymously, no registration or personal information needed for connecting the in-app VPN service.

3. Cumulate Wgas from fund deposit in the WinQ wallet.

Why WinQ VPN?

Must-have online browsing tool for crypto traders that secures privacy and personal information.

WinQ VPN functionality serves as an alternative tunnel for online traffic to flow. Each time your device connects to public Wi-Fi, WinQ VPN blocks any prying eyes and attacks from accessing your personal and work accounts.

What is Wgas?

WGAS is an experimental token. It represents the interests for holding cryptocurrency in WinQ 2.0, at the same time, it is the token required for using VPN services. It is a utility token for in-app VPN services which is generated by the total asset value in your WinQ wallets. Now WinQ supports ETH, EOS and NEO network.

VPN Operators’ WGAS (used by WinQ users to pay for VPN service) can be converted to QLC. Every month on 5th and 25th, your WGAS earnings will be conver into QLC automatically. To receive the converted QLC, make sure to set up NEO wallet in the App.

WGAS is generated from holding any supported cryptocurrency in the WinQ wallet. WGAS can be used to pay for the usage of winq vpn service, the amount of WinQ Gas retrievable bases on the total value of your winq crypto assets based on Bitcoin. The entitled WinQ GAS amount shall be calculated as the equation below.

How much Wgas are you entitled to?

Your entitled Wgas shall be calculated based on the total amount of funds in the winq wallet. Wgas gain will be dropped to your winq address on a daily basis. Click on “Claim GAS” to retrieve your Wgas.

You can claim “BTC Value x Annual Interest Rate / 365” everyday. Your Wgas gains shall follow annual interest rate formula as follows:

BTC ValueAnnual Interest Rate
0 - 0.01 BTC320%
0.01- 0.05 BTC410%
0.05 - 0.1 BTC450%
0.1- 0.5 BTC500%
0.5 - 1 BTC550%
1+ BTC610%

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WinQ for iOS
Version: 1.0.0

WinQ for Android
Version: 1.2.13