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Secure Wallet

The Wallet is your personal account to use on the dApp. Create or import a wallet to start your WinQ journey.

VPN Market Place

Operators: Set up a VPN configuration file, register on the Blockchain and provide services to earn QLC.

Users: Connect with WinQ VPN to unlock the world and enjoy a secured network experience.

WiFi Sharing

Operators: Register your WiFi as an asset and monetize your bandwidth for QLC without the need to disclose your password.

Users: Only a click away from the internet. No more “What’s the WiFi password?”

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Consume VPN services on an hourly basis as opposed to conventional subscription model.


Welcome to the crypto world!
Connect to any VPN server without the need to register or login. All payment will be settled with QLC.


WINQ VPN assets are contributed by users around the world. You are one click away from your favourite sport live-streams and TV shows!

User Guide

All you need to know on how to get most out of WinQ


Frequently Asked Questions


WinQ is a decentralised VPN utility app developed by the PlayBlockz Collective. WinQ provides virtual private network service and also serves as an open-sourced marketplace for veteran VPN service providers to earn cryptocurrency earnings by offering their VPN server.

Given its inherent advantage, WinQ renders resourceful globally scattered VPN servers to its users and ultimate simple-to-use experience with utmost security. Either crypto noobs or veterans could enjoy this tech within a few simple clicks.

For more information on PlayBlockz, please go visit

A VPN is a private network. Therefore, the information you send and receive on a VPN is walled off from other computers and the internet. It also offers the benefit of encryption. Any data sent or received by users belonging to a VPN remains encrypted and your IP address will be masked. Your Internet Service Provider, the websites you visit, or apps will not be able to track your online activity.

No, you will NOT lose any data stored in previous versions. Virtual assets (WiFi assets) are stored on the NEO blockchain.

WinQ has a built-in NEP5 - NEO Crypto wallet. This wallet interacts with the public NEO blockchain. Currently, WinQ is using the NEO TestNet.

WinQ Wallet

(Please note that this is only available in TestNet mode) Each newly created wallet is automatically credited with 100 TestNet QLC.

When switching to the MainNet mode, the 100 QLC will NOT show up in your wallet balance.

Please note that MainNet and TestNet are two separate networks. Therefore if you transfer from your WinQ TestNet wallet to a MainNet wallet or exchange address your transfer will not be reflected in theMainNet wallet balance.

However, the WinQ Wallet is in full compliant with NEO wallets that use the NEP5 standard. This means that you can send your TestNet QLC tokens to any other TestNet NEO compliant wallet. Exchange deposit address will NOT work.

Yes! It’s easy. Please make sure your private key and other wallet information are exported before you proceed to the next step, then switch to the MainNet in the WinQ wallet to confirm your transfer. From here on, any further implementation shall be compliant with any Nep-5 token wallet.

Starting on June 28th, an updated WinQ version with MainNet wallet mode was available on Google Play. Users are given the option to switch to the MainNet mode in the wallet and either import a Nep-5 wallet or create a new wallet on the NEO blockchain.

First, make sure you are in the TestNet mode. Please wait 30 seconds to 1 minute for the TestNet QLC to show up in your wallet. It takes time for the blockchain to process the newly created wallet. If you still don’t receive the 100 TestNet QLC, try to create a new TestNet wallet. There is no limit of wallets you can create.

WinQ stores wallet information including public and private key on your device locally.WinQ will ask you to set a password to prevent unauthorized access to the dApp. It also supports biometric data protection. You can use fingerprint reading to unlock your dApp.

Since the dApp is not using a centralized server, your password isn't stored anywhere else other than on your device. However, please note that the password will not be able to be recovered if you ever lose it.

For WinQ network service users

On June 28th, WinQ was updated to offers both MainNet and TestNet modes for users. The WinQ Wallet is fully functioning in the MainNet mode, while asset registration on the MainNet is not open for mass users yet.

We are in the process of creating a timeline as well as polishing the mechanism to migrate registered WinQ assets to the Mainnet, this will be considered part of the QLC token economy.

For WinQ VPN user

In the TestNet mode, free QLC tokens are dropped in your wallet to use VPN and WiFi services. This will not cost any real QLC.

When switched to the MainNet mode, you will pay the amount of QLC as specified in the VPN asset list. To unlock the VPN service, you can

1. Top up your QLC in the WinQ wallet by transferring from other wallets or your exchange address.
2. Import any Nep-5 compliant MainNet wallet to get started right away

The VPN assets migration mechanism is under development, all WinQ VPN hosts and WiFi registrars are welcome to claim your real QLC earnings using this form:

For WinQ WiFi and VPN Asset Owners

Currently the WinQ Wallet is fully functioning in the MainNet mode, while asset registration on the MainNet is not open for mass users yet. We are in the process of creating a timeline as well as polishing the mechanism to migrate registered WinQ assets to the Mainnet, this will be considered part of the QLC token economy.

To compensate the earnings of all WinQ VPN hosts and WiFi registrars, we have established the portal to claim real QLC earnings using this form:

By registering your WiFi/VPN server to WinQ, your digital asset is registered on the blockchain and can not be wiped off or unregistered from the blockchain. However, if you choose to suspend your network to other WinQ users, you can do so the following ways: (1) change your WiFi SSID or WiFi password on your router (please consult your router customer service team) or (2) suspend your VPN server.

Kindly refer to this Guide. We offer TWO real QLC compensation mechanisms for WiFi sharing/VPN service providers in WinQ marketplace.

  • Real QLC earning conversion (300 QLC as cap per user).
  • Rewards for top profitable WinQ asset owners.

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